Posted: September 1, 2005 in Technical Design

 I think most of you have already learned about the new release of PowerToy. They are Windows Media Player PowerToy, Custom HTML PowerToy, and Tweak UI PowerToy

Today, I’ll share with you on how to find URL for your selected music or video clips to put on Windows Media Player, and how to create your own banner to be shown on your space via Custom HTML PowerToy.

Having been asked about the tactics to get the URL of your favourite songs or video clips, I therefore studied and kept on practising by myself. I cannot say that this is the best or correct way, but I feel that it works for me. That’s all. There would be many other ways of doing this, so far I have not found any. That’s why I can share with you only what I have learned.

First of all, you may use any search engines you have to bring you the specific websites containing the key words that you put in. For this exercise, I’ll show you how to get the URL of a music video file with ‘.wmv’ extension from one of ‘song on air’ websites. After putting the key word ‘song on air’ into search engine, the result I can get are a lot of websites containing this key word. The one that I selected is Song On Air. From their homepage, I clicked at Music Video, then I can see a thumbnail list of music video available on that page.

For this particular case, I select a music video titled Writing About Mother. Once you click at this music video, you will be brought to another windows with plug-in Windows Media Player ready for you to watch that music video.

From this windows, let’s have a look at the menu bar. Just click at a drop-down menu ‘View’ and followed by ‘Source’. Now, you are brought to another windows containing HTML source codes of the previous windows. All you have to do next is to click at a drop-down menu ‘Edit’ followed by ‘Find…’. You will then come up with a pop-up windows named ‘Find’.

Now, you can put a word ‘wmv’ into the box after ‘Find what’, and then click Find next. You will now see the URL of this music video file with ‘.wmv’ extension, which looks like What you need to do now is to copy this URL and paste it on your Windows Media Players PowerToy.

 Another thing that I would like to share with you is how to create your own banner/logo like the one at the top of my space. Doing this is very simple, because we have a free online 3D banner creator to help us.

Once you access the webpage of this tool, you will see 5 steps of creating your own banner starting from choosing font type, color, dimension, gif animation, and your own text. After filling all you need into the compulsory fields, you just click at ‘Make 3D Text!’. Then, you will see a preview of your design. When you are satisfied with that design, you have to save that banner as a gif animation file on your hard disk first.

Now, you can get your own designed banner. However, this banner cannot be shown on your space at this stage. All you need to do is to upload this banner which you have already saved as gif animated format file to your blog or photo album at any free hosted websites you may have.

For my own banner SP-Ladplakao62, I uploaded this file to one of my daughter’s blogs. Again, you need to know the URL of this banner before you can put it on your Custom HTML PowerToy. To get the URL of this banner is easy by making right click at the banner.

On the pop-up menu, click at ‘Property’, the Properties pop-up windows will appear. Now, you’ll see ‘Address(URL)’ of this banner starting with http://. What you have to do is just copy this URL and paste it on your HTML code page.

For the beginners of HTML codes, the above procedure may be too difficult. I would like to do this by adding new blog entry. When you are at ‘Edit Blog entry’ of your space, you can make a right click at the banner and then click ‘copy’, then paste it onto your ‘Edit Blog entry’ page. Doing this will make you see the banner as it will be shown on the space. You may add something more i.e. texts or pictures to this page. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can see HTML codes for your design by switching to HTML mode.

While you are at HTML mode of your ‘Edit Blog Entry’, you need to copy all HTML codes in order to paste them on the box of Custom HTML PowerToy module. However, you may notice that there is a limitation of 512 characters to be stored in this module. I don’t think you can put a lot of things here.

If you don’t like your banner shown in blog format, you just don’t tick at ‘Show border’. You can see my banner above that there is no border, no module name. Well, that’s all I’d like to share with you today. I do hope that the above may be useful for any of you who have not known yet. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to do so.

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  1. Elena says:

    Hi! Sure I remember you, and I am happy to know that you also do remember me! Thanks for your visit! : ))) Your space is getting better day by day. Lol, I still couldn\’t add media player to my space, followed all the steps but it didn\’t appear in the Modules block. Anyway, I should try again I think!Take care,Hope to hear from you again soon,Bye,Elena

  2. Kelwalin says:

    Hi my lovely uncle (คงไม่ดูแก่ไปนะคะ)I\’m so glad that you visit my bloc. I\’ve just came back from my lab at university. Lots of things to do, so I have a few time to play an internet.Anyway I hope to visit your nice bloc soon. And again, the new topic on your bloc is cool.Hope you and your family are lucky in everything.see you note

  3. Unknown says:

    oh yea now i remember you well i guess i can say hi to…..

  4. Unknown says:

    thanks you for comment for Sakura or nong Bua na ka ~~ she will read it one day

  5. Stephanie says:

    oh, gee sorry for asking you dumb, very dumb question. Again, my bad. I guess this elfen has gone stupid huh?

  6. Stephanie says:

    What is the Tweak UI Power tool truely good, or what good does it do? Is it recommended?

  7. Unknown says:


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