Why Can’t I Forget?

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Short Story
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Why Can’t I Forget?

I really don’t know why I forgot the 6th Anniversary of my blog, usually known as my ‘Windows Live Spaces’. Going back to the year 2005, if you are the ones who still follow up the progress of my blog, you may remember that my first entry on ‘Windows Live Spaces’ was written on 7th of June. After ‘Windows Live Spaces’ was officially closed on 16th March 2011, I found out that only a few bloggers moved their blogs to WordPress. It’s quite a pity that most of valuable and interesting blogs had gone with ‘Windows Live Spaces’ forever. One reason that I didn’t remember the anniversary of my blog may be from the frequency of my visit. I accept that I seldom come here compared to the last five years. Every time I come to my small home on this cyber world, I feel very lonely. Sometimes I ask myself why I have to keep this place available. I cannot answer my question, but I feel I must keep it alive. I promise to myself that I will stay together with my created cyber home as long as there is still a place to host it like WordPress.

Although I forgot the anniversary of this blog, I have never forgotten how important of 13th of July is. This may be another reason that drives me to come here today, after leaving this home lonely for more than 2 months since my latest entry. You may have a question on your head now. Yes, I guess you need to know why this date is so important to me. If you follow this link –>> Happy Birthday To Someone In My Heart you will get the answer. After reading every word written on that entry, you may agree with me why I cannot forget this date. Two years time cannot change my mind from feeling the same as I mentioned, and I strongly believe that no matter how long it may take, such an impressive memory will never fade away.

Like a song, ‘The Impossible Dream’, it said, ‘To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go..’ So, how can I, as an ordinary man, dare to dream the unimaginable dream? I cannot do anything but keep all my memory in the quiet and dark corner of my heart. I am well aware that I cannot make my dream come true or even fight the unbeatable destiny. All I can do is to accept my fate. But you know, if you were me, it’s hard to do that, isn’t it? It’s like an angel knocking my door every night. When I wake up, I find nothing but the whistle of the wind blowing through the crack of the roof. But I am pleased to get up every time though I cannot find what I am looking for.

So far, we all know that today is someone’s birthday. I don’t even know where she is, how she is, or whether she comes here or not. But if you know her, could you please tell her for me that I am still here waiting for her whenever she needs me. On this special occasion, I wish her a very very happy birthday. No gift or present can be given to her, ‘coz she gets my heart and soul already. Last but not least, below is the Happy Birthday song dedicated to her. Click and play if you want.

  1. MOO says:

    เฮ้อ…(มีเรารู้กันอยู่ 2 คนเนอะ)

  2. MOO says:

    What happens is you’re in the mood for it.

  3. MOO says:

    I think she may have to read it.

  4. joom says:


  5. joom says:


    • spiroonyoi says:

      ใช่เลยครับ คิดถึงตอนที่เริ่มเล่นสเปซใหม่ๆ ตอนนั้นคึกคักมากๆ

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