My Beautiful Flower

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Short Story

My Beautiful Flower

Another year has already passed by without any progressive news from someone in my heart. However, as I promise to myself, she is and will be in my memory forever, no matter how this world keeps on changing. I really don’t know if she can still recognize me, but it doesn’t matter at all. Last year, I also reminded myself by writing something on my blog under the title “Why Can’t I Forget?” I finally found out the answer for this question. Actually, I don’t have any willing or intention to forget. That’s the simple answer. I don’t even want to erase anything recorded in my head. Every time I recall my memory, I am always happy. So, there’s no reason why I have to forget.

Wise men said, “Pick up beautiful flowers instead of garbage during your journey to your destination”. For me, knowing a good girl is finding a beautiful flower. But I don’t want to pick up that flower and take it as my own property. I choose to keep such a beautiful flower in my deep memory and leave it as it should be. Doing this can make me certain that this flower will never wither. On the other hand, it always blossoms every time I look into my memory. I don’t want to know how my beautiful flower looks like on other people’s eyes. From my perception, this is only flower that keeps my heart on beating.

Today is 13th of July. It’s the day when my beautiful flower was born. All my best wishes and soul will be dedicated to her special day. If you know her, please ask her to pick up “pink flowers” falling from Tabebuia Rosea Tree. I have already asked angels to blow those pink flowers for her on her birthday. Again, on this special occasion, I wish her healthy, prosperous, and happy life. Happy Birthday.

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  2. spiroonyoi says:

    Today is a normal day for me.
    At least I can live my life without any valentine.

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